Newborn and toddler hacks for parents in 2020

Newborn and toddler hacks for parents in 2020

Parenting is always never an easy responsibility. While you’re trying to take proper care of your kids and ensure they are growing up happily, you’re also trying to make sure you don’t spoil them. You also don’t have an official manual to make things easier for you as no manual comes along with a baby.

However, some hacks can make things much easier for you as the internet always comes in handy for virtually anything today. You can obtain very useful and clever parenting advice online which will make taking care of your kids a little easier and more fun.

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While being a new parent isn’t an easy task, having a toddler in the house is a whole different ball game. Having both in the house at the same time could be quite challenging because both children present you with challenges in completely different ways. You want to meet the needs of both children but you find that hard to do most times because they both always demand your attention simultaneously.

So if you’re looking to make your parenting journey less bumpy, here are some newborn and toddler hacks that would make parenting easier for you.

1. Mess-Free Snacking

Are you sick of having the floor littered all over with crumbs? Try having your little one observe snack-and-TV time inside a giant box. This would be so much fun for your little one and at the end of the day, it would be a win-win for everyone as you will also have your floor free of any form of mess.

2. The “Busy Wallet”

Kids love playing around with wallets as they always like to open things up and tear things apart. Providing them with an old wallet filled with things that are kid-safe will keep them busy and happy while you go ahead with your activity.

3. Giving Medicine Without A Meltdown

You can avoid making use of needles and syringes or a slippery little cup and instead pour the medicine into a bottle nipple for easy dosing and zero tantrums.

4. Getting Trousers Into A Baby

Getting a pair of trousers into a kicking baby’s legs can be challenging at times particularly when your kid is so hyperactive. Considering how many nappy changes ahead of you, this dressing hack would come in handy.

Instead of trying to scoot the pair of trousers over your kid’s ankles and up the legs, simply place your hand inside the bottom of one trouser leg and pull it over your forearm. Then lay your baby on his back, grab his foot and pull up the trouser leg from your arm and into your kid’s leg. The same process should be applied to the other leg.

5. Prevent Rolling Out Of Bed

When kids upgrade from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a big kid bed, the major worry is how to prevent them from rolling out of bed. You can, however, keep them from rolling out of bed by making use of a towel or blanket. 

Simply roll up a towel or blanket and place it underneath the fitted sheet of your toddler’s bed. This hack works both at home and even when you’re travelling. There’s no point going to buy a fancy gadget when you have all you need right at your disposal.

6. Use Hairspray to Remove Temporary Tattoos

Kids always love temporary tattoos and you might not want them going out covered in them. You can easily remove the tattoo by spraying it with hairspray before wiping it with a damp cloth. 

This would remove it easily and you wouldn’t have to start scrubbing their little bodies until they are red. You can thereafter wipe their skin with warm soapy water to remove any hairspray residue.

7. Diaper Colour Line

You don’t have to take off your newborn’s diaper to know if it’s wet. Simply check if the yellow line on the diaper has turned blue as this confirms that the diaper is wet. So when you have the diaper’s yellow line turning blue, that tells you it is wet and the intensity of the blue colour will increase if you do not change it in time.

8. Dealing With Meconium Stools

Meconium stools are large, coloured, sticky bowel movements that newborns have during their first 2-3 days after birth. Applying olive oil on your baby’s bottom would make the stool slide off easily out of the bum, making diaper changing less work as the stools could get sticky and make diaper changing burdensome. The birthing centre often provides parents with olive oil to take home after having their newborn.

9. Lanolin For Diaper Rash

It’s quite normal for babies to experience diaper rash. Lanolin for the skin can be used to prevent dry skin and skin irritation conditions such as diaper rash. It is also considered generally safe for babies and such a lifesaver for your baby’s bum and nipples.

10. Always Wear The Newborn

Wearing your newborn saves you a whole lot of stress, particularly if you have two tagalongs. Wearing your newborn will help you contain your toddler as you will have free hands to hold onto him. 

You will also be able to follow your toddler around easily since you would not have to worry about navigating a stroller or dragging along an infant car as those items could be so uncomfortable to carry.

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11. Be Prepared For Emergency Situations

Kids can get sick or get injured when we least expect. It’s therefore important you always have with you an emergency kit, either in your vehicle or somewhere in your stroller. You can also keep a storage tub in the trunk of your car where you can stock up essentials and supplies. 

A change of clothes for mum is always a good idea for when a day doesn’t go as planned. Extra diapers and wipes should always be at your reach. Shelf-stable snacks should also be restocked monthly.

12. Bring The Potty Along

In a bid to train your toddler not to get used to diapers, you can always keep a portable potty in your vehicle. This way, you get to eliminate accident worries. You can place a disposable trash bag in the potty for easier cleanup or make use of coffee filters to lift out solids. You can also place a disposable diaper at the bottom of the potty for a much better cleanup. 

This hack would be more helpful if you have a cleanup kit and you stock up sanitizing sprays or wipes and paper towels for cleanup emergencies. A scented spray can also help out with the cleanup process, particularly if you are on a road trip and you have no way to dispose of trash.

13. Non-Slippery Slippers

Footed pyjamas and baby booties can be slippery on hardwood, tile and even some carpet which could be dangerous for your little one. However, you can still get your little one to put on those adorable footwears by putting a few swipes of hot glue underneath as this would prevent them from falling or tumbling over within the house.

14. Wearing The Right Shoes

This hack would be helpful for you, particularly if your kids insist on dressing themselves. Simply cut a sticker in two and stick one half in each shoe to correspond to the right feet. This will help your little one put the right feet in the right shoe all the time.

15. Laundry Bags

As a mom, you can spend way too much time searching for missing socks around the house. So if you are sick of having mismatched socks fill your laundry bins, you can make use of a laundry bag to put in dirty socks and toss in the wash. This would make sorting much easier.

16. Trim Nails While Your Baby Sleeps

If you make use of a jar diaper cream, you would appreciate this hack. A spatula for diaper cream would keep your hands from getting messy in the process of taking the cream out of the jar. If you, however, make use of a tube cream, a tush swiper would make for an easy application and would reduce wastage.

17. A Bum Spatula or Tush Swiper

If you make use of a jar diaper cream, you would appreciate this hack. A spatula for diaper cream would keep your hands from getting messy in the process of taking the cream out of the jar. If you, however, make use of a tube cream, a tush swiper would make for an easy application and would reduce wastage.

18. Use A White Noise Machine

If you sleep with your baby in one room or have a separate nursery, a white noise machine is highly recommended. A sound machine can also help if your baby is a light sleeper and you have too many cracking floors in the house.

19. Point Baby Boy’s Penis Downward

This hack would help you prevent awkward leaks at night. When you close your baby boy’s diaper, make sure you point his penis downwards because oftentimes, the whole diaper appears clean and dry but some mysterious leakage occurs. This would be taken care of when the penis is pointed downwards.

20. Make A Hole In Pacifiers To Give Medicine

If your baby makes use of pacifiers, you can make the hole in the pacifier bigger so that you can easily administer drugs to them. You can buy a medicine pacifier to make it easier to give doses of drugs to your baby.

21. Breast milk Popsicle For Teething Babies

If your breastfeeding baby is already teething you can make use of breastmilk popsicles as they are soothing on gums and at the same time healthy.

22. Fitted Sheets For Sick Days

If your newborn is throwing up or experiencing some unexpected diaper leaks, probably due to too much fluid intake, you can make use of a fitted sheet layered on the crib’s mattress so that you don’t have to wake them up and change the beddings at night. You can easily remove these fitted sheets in case of a throw-up or diaper leak.

23. Create A Feeding-Time Activity Bag

If you are taking care of more than one little one, while you are feeding your infant, you can keep your toddler preoccupied with a feeding-time activity bag where you have included in the bag things like colouring books, puzzles, finger puppets, etc. This allows you to focus on your infant.

24. Use Bandaids To Cover Outlets

Whether you are at home or far from home, maybe in a hotel, it is always recommended that you baby-proof your toddler’s immediate environment. You can do this by making use of plastic outlet covers or bandages to cover electrical outlets as they will keep your baby safe. You should also keep an eye on them should they start peeling off the bandage, to replace the bandages and take away from that spot.

25. Use Toothpaste To Remove Marker

Getting your toddler to not have access to a permanent marker at one point or the other is almost inevitable. You don’t have to worry when damage is done with a permanent marker as you can get to easily clean it up with toothpaste. 

Just put some toothpaste on the stain and wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel. It might take a little time and additional elbow grease, but the marker stain would leave the surface.

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