30 best places to go with kids during holidays in 2020

30 best places to go with kids during holidays in 2020

Are you in search of the right destination for a worry-free vacation and struggling to find places to go with Kids? 

Then sit back and have a ride with me as I take you through a list of Kid-friendly places you can choose from and have the vacation you’ve been yearning for. Don’t forget to pack some kid-friendly items including comfort items, such as a blanket and with all those, I can guarantee you’d have a great time with yourself and your kid.

Choosing the right destination is very vital when it comes to having a worry-free vacation with your kid. Be it a place with so many hands-on activities or just a peaceful beach, a right destination would always be one where you and your child can have all the fun you both deserve. To help you choose that right spot, here’s a list of hand-picked best travel locations for kids in 2020.

1. Captiva Island, Florida

Captiva Island is located just off the coast of southwest Florida in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is an ideal beach vacation spot for you and your kids as it is known for its gentle waves and shallow waters. You can have your child chase waves that are pulling back into the ocean, build awesome sandcastles with them or walk with them through the beach to pick up colourful seashells. Having your condo located in front of the beach will encourage friendly activities such as coconut painting and numerous beach sand art.

2. Orlando, Florida

Orlando still somehow holds its place as one of the best vacation spots for kids. It is known for housing the world-famous Disney theme parks. You can have your kid explore the African savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then move on to have an invigorating experience at the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. With all the endless fun-filled activities present within the park, we have the Orlando vacation rentals packed with Disney-themed rooms as well as fascinating pools. This is one of the perfect spots for your child.

3. Lake Ozark, Missouri

Orlando still somehow holds its place as one of the best vacation spots for Kids. It is known for housing the world-famous Disney theme parks. You can have your kid explore the African savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then move on to have an invigorating experience at the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. With all the endless fun-filled activities present within the park, we have the Orlando vacation rentals packed with Disney-themed rooms as well as fascinating pools. This is one of the perfect spots for your child.

4. Washington, DC

Everyone knows this is a perfect place for kids because it’s easy to move around especially when you have kids in tow. Your kids would be full of smiles upon the sight of the animals in the park-like National Zoo, the museum with its interactive displays and several parks perfect for picnicking. You also can awe your little one with the city’s enormous monuments by getting into a pedicab and having a ride through the city’s neighborhood which is one-of-a-kind.

5. San Diego, California

San Diego is known for its popular Balboa park which is an enormous environment housing nearly 20 museums, the San Diego Zoo, a large playground and so much more that will have your child full of joy and smiles throughout the tour. When you’re done with the cruise of the park, you can make your way to La Jolla Cove along the coast, where seals and sea lions lounge on the rocks all day (what an endless view). There’s also the Mission Beach where you could camp during the day and soak up the sun while playing dough with your kid using the sand beach. The rentals located just a few steps from the beach gives you easy access to the beach.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is yet another wonderful vacation spot for kids. You get to wow your little one with a cruise of the Philadelphia Zoo and the monumental Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse for hours. The centuries of American history is one you shouldn’t miss out on such as the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Another reason you should try out Philadelphia is its proximity to Sesame Place which is located just across the city in Langhorne.

7. Port Aransas, Texas

Give your kids a fill of breathtaking experience in Port Aransas with its soft-sand beaches serving as the perfect landing spot for them, particularly if they are yet to get the hang of walking and standing up. You could also take a walk-through, scavenging for seashells or fishing from the pier. You can make it more stress-free by booking a rental very close to the water so that you don’t haul your beach toys too far. You can be sure of a perfect vacation in Port Aransas.

8. Tuscany, Italy

Everyone knows how hospitable Italians are towards parents as they tend to always go out of their way to assist parents. For one of the best holidays with your kid, Italy is one of the places to go as you will find so many kids-friendly accommodation options. Children are welcome in this country and you can find many beautiful towns to explore where you won’t be overwhelmed with tourists. You can take a tour through the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Boboli Gardens. I’d advise you to pre-book your taxi online, so you could request for the baby car seat. Also, bring along your baby carrier as the main attractions in Italy are full of stairs.

30 best place to go with kids during holidays

9. Japan

If you’re looking for where to travel with your kid in Asia, Japan is one of the best places you can opt for as it is kid-friendly. Tokyo has various Baby Cafes that have childproof areas as well as the food you can purchase for yourself. The larger cities also have family rooms located throughout where moms can nurse their little ones. Bring your baby carrier along and I’d advise you choose Airbnb’s over small hotel rooms.

10. London, England

In Europe, London is one of the best places to go on vacation with your kid. There are changing facilities as well as parent rooms readily available and accessible. You can also have a tour of the monumental buildings and colourful environment with your kid either on foot or by public transportation. One thing most parents love about London is how you’re able to move around with a stroller. You can find your way through the underground with your stroller by making use of the step-free Tube map. Breastfeeding in the public is considered perfectly normal and is accepted. Also, children under the age of 5 get to have a free ride on public transports. You can explore the city farms, zoos, and there are many parks.

11. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has it all. From beaches to waterfalls to rice paddies and also wonderful people. It is also baby-friendly because nannies are very much affordable. You also get to rent baby gears if you need them and they are sold for really cheap prices. The hotels are equipped with baby cots and I highly recommend you head to family-friendly areas such as Canggu, Legian, Lembongan or Ubud and avoid Kuta. You can enjoy the rice paddy atmosphere in Ubud and also have some beachside relaxation in Canggu. So for those living in Australia, Bali would be a great choice. Don’t forget to bring along your sun tent for your baby as well as your beach toys. You can book a nanny to help you out on your outings.

12. Tulum, Mexico

Places with beautiful beaches and friendly weather (in terms of warmth) are one of the best vacation spots. This city provides you and your kid with a perfectly relaxing and stress-free vacation. The hotels are very accommodating to those travelling with kids as they provide them with cribs and strollers. The places to visit are Playa Paraiso and Sian Ka’an Biosphere. For those living in the USA, Mexico is a baby-friendly travelling destination.

13. Chicago, Illinois

The United States and Chicago are one of the best cities to travel with a kids. There are so many sights and attractions to enjoy. Free stroller tours are also available at some of the major Museums such as The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Institute of Chicago. You can also visit the Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium. This is one of the topnotch vacation destinations with your kid.

14. Montreal, Canada

This is another stroller-friendly place to visit with your kids. A lot of kid-friendly festivals are held throughout the year and popular attractions you should look out for include The Botanical Gardens, Clock Tower Beach and Jean-Talon Farmer’s Market.

15. Tasmania, Australia

Another baby-friendly place to visit in Australia is Tasmania. I guarantee you will love it here. There are so many stroller rentals available here such that you don’t need to bother carrying a stroller with you on your flight. Be on the look-out for the nature-based activities such as Russell Falls and Bay of Fires.

16. Wales, United Kingdom

Yet another wonderful travel destination in Europe. You are being provided with everything in hotels ranging from baby gates to cribs as well as babysitting services when needed. Places to look out for are Tenby Harbour, Bodnant Garden and Cardiff Castle.

17. Hawaii

Hawaii is always considered a dream vacation because of its Island. There are tons of activities to enjoy no matter where you reside and so many stunning sights to behold. Valley of the Temples and Makapu’u Point Lighthouse are some of the baby-friendly places you can visit.

18. Cape Town, South Africa

Not a lot of people consider South Africa when searching for places to travel with a kids. Yet this is one of the best cities to visit with a kids because there are kids facilities readily available and accessible all over. You should visit the Monkey Land and Wilderness National Park.

19. Taipei, Taiwan

Just like in Japan, this place offers a mother’s room and there are many sights and attractions in this place. The terrain here is not difficult to navigate so you can strap your kids into a stroller and take a stroll through the picturesque environment such as the Longshan Temple or Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

20. Belize, Central America

This is one of the affordable travel destinations. The residents are English speakers and there are tons of fascinating places you can take your kids to such as the Mayan Ruins and the Blue Morpho.

21. Ecuador, South America

This is also an affordable vacation spot and breastfeeding is allowed and considered normal. However, you’ll need to haul your baby carrier because the terrain is difficult to navigate. You should explore the Otavalo Indigenous Market and the Manabi Coast. There are so many other amazing places you could visit.

22. Greece

The culture in Greece is family-oriented. Children get to enjoy free meals at restaurants, stay free at hotels and have a free ride on public transportation. You can visit so many beautiful places with your baby in tow and one of such places is the Castles of Rhodes and also the Plaka District of Athens. To get to Rhodes, you can either book for a Local Rhodes taxi or seek directions from the locals.

23. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the best places to explore with your kids as it is full of amazing views. It’s a beautiful and safe city. There are tons of amazing and appropriate entertainment spots such as the Old Town and Skansen. This is one of the wonderful travel destinations where you can enjoy a baby-friendly vacation.

24. Reykjavik, Iceland

The chilly temperature in this place is one of the reasons people overlook Iceland when in search of a place to spend the holidays. It is, however, fast becoming a popular destination for tourists. Most of the tours are family-friendly and don’t forget to pack in a few extra warm goodies.

25. Runaway Bay, Jamaica

This Island in Jamaica provides an atmosphere of relaxation and is one of the top picks for a trip with your baby. The Bay is home to several villas, resorts and accommodation options that are family-friendly. It is known as a paradise gateway. The resorts also offer nanny services to help those with kids relax better on the beach. You should take with you a sunblock. However, it should be noted that babies under 6 months are not to use sunblock.

26. Cascais, Portugal

This is a fanciful settlement in Portugal full of culture and history. Don’t for a second doubt this is not the right vacation spot. There is a broad selection of calm beaches, parks and historical sites to explore. There’s also this tangible warmth in the air that is reproduced by the lively expressions of the locals and if you decide not to make use of your stroller in the open streets, there are child seats in taxi cabs which are quite accessible. If your baby decides to opt for something other than their formula, you can be certain that the local food will get the job done as it isn’t spicy and is quite soft.

27. Vail, Colorado

The astonishing view provided by the elegant mountains, boundless open space and reflecting lakes makes Vail, Colorado one of the best places to travel with your kids. The destination is kids-friendly as there is an entire baby brand called “Travel Vail Baby ” which gives you an insight into how awesome that place would be for you and your kid. The kids equipment rental company provides hiking backpack, cribs, strollers, high chairs and bouncy seats to make you and your kid comfortable when riding through the peaks and slopes of Vail.

28. Barcelona, Spain

You can stimulate your baby’s creativity from a young age by taking a trip to Barcelona. Your kid will have a very little time to cry as they will be awed by fascinating the neighbourhood. The best time to travel to Barcelona is during the summer when you can have access to multiple parks and outdoors as babies tend to relax more when they have moved around. There are multiple sights and attractions to see and visit. Make sure you take with you a baby carrier because the bumps in the streets of Barcelona could make your baby uncomfortable.

29. Nice, France

Travelling to Nice, France with a kids is the perfect promenade as it offers amazing views while pushing your baby’s stroller around. Nice is a popular destination for tourists as its lodging areas are very accommodating. They provide you with heating bottles and changing very accessible facilities. You shouldn’t fail to visit the French Riviera for its delightful food and the warm atmosphere provided by the sun and sea. The magical city filled with fanciful shops and outdoor restaurants is very easy to navigate with a baby.

30. Seoul, South Korea

The is one the easiest place to visit with a baby as it caters for their attractions with amazing music, shopping and food experience. There are so many free and budget-friendly attractions to enjoy. It has tons of Kids cafes which are indoor playgrounds that are great for kids. This will keep the fun going during the extreme weather conditions where it could get uncomfortably cold or hot. The city also has a very efficient public transportation system that is budget-friendly and kids-friendly. Several kids-friendly accommodation options make day-to-day living stress-free. I would strongly recommend not to breastfeed in public as the Koreans do not engage in that practice and seeing someone engaging in such a habit would create unwanted attention. However, there are baby nursing stations in larger subway stations, restaurants and department stores.


Selecting baby-friendly travel destinations is one way to have a wonderful vacation experience. Just because you are nursing a child doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home. This is the time to create fun-filled memories with your little one and explore beautiful places. The world has made holidays with babies fun and stress-free as there are tons of baby-friendly locations to choose from.

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