30 Best Places to go with a Toddler in 2020

30 Best Places to go with a Toddler in 2020

Toddlers are always on the go and as they grow, it could get pretty hard trying to keep up with their sprinter’s pace because they begin to move fast and furiously, constantly looking out for a new world of amazement which gets them into a state of endless ecstasy.

Here’s a list of remarkable fun-filled spots that you could visit to help you keep up with your toddler’s busy brain and body. These places are filled with activities and sensational views that will inspire your kid to keep learning every day.


1. Theme Parks

You can enjoy an ideal fun-filled family day-out with your kids by taking them to a theme park which offers memories that will last a lifetime. Theme parks are filled with endless rides and sight attractions. Your toddler may not be big enough for the roller coaster rides as the thrilling roller coasters may appear intimidating and scary. 

However, most theme parks have adapted to cater for toddlers by adding new features that make the park more baby-friendly. Theme parks now have dedicated zones for toddlers, small toddler-friendly rides and soft play areas where they can have their fun.

2. Zoo

Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? Even the youngest toddlers get excited and engaged in a visit to the zoo even though all they can do is watch and listen from afar. However, most zoos now have children’s areas where kids get to interact with some animals like goats, giraffes and kangaroos. 

The kids get to brush a goat’s fur, watch kangaroos hop around right in front of them and they also get to feed giraffes. There’s also the provision of a kiddie coaster for when toddlers need a break from the animal action. The zoo always presents itself as an awesome exhibit for kids.

3. Aquariums

Toddlers are always fascinated by water. There’s this infinite amusement they experience whenever they come in contact with water fountains or rain puddles. Now imagine how intrigued they’ll feel when you give them a glimpse of the underwater world by paying a visit to an aquarium. 

It’s quite interesting how it feels like the aquarium was built especially for them because the windows are low to the ground so that they can have an endless view of marine life. Also, being able to touch the tank and sometimes get to touch some creatures would mean a lot to them as kids always love to get their hands on anything they can. 

However, basic rules like touching with two fingers gently should be properly communicated to them. Also, a short-sleeve shirt should be worn for them before embarking on the trip.

4. Kids Animal Farm Kids

What could be more tot-thrilling than farm animals? Your little ones get to learn about farm animals and also interact with real live farm animals. You can give them this exposure to nature by visiting a kid’s farm. 

An interactive farm visit gets them to reconnect with the natural life. During the farm visit, they get to feed goats, ducks, chickens, bunnies, sheep and also interact with a farm dog. With their interaction with different animals, they will also learn different animal sounds. This experience will also teach them how to care for things and people around them.

5. Museums

Children’s museums always provide lots of stuff for toddlers to explore and the exhibits are designed to invigorate their senses. However, before you choose the museum to visit, ensure you make a research on the rules of the museum. People generally conclude that taking a toddler to the museum is quite risky. 

They consider that event a potential disaster because of so many things that could go wrong such as a temper tantrum or having any bodily fluids dripping onto the floor. However, when you make your research of what museum to visit, I’d recommend you pick one that has a program for children, where they give them a tour of the toddler-friendly areas within the museum.

6. Water Parks

Water parks serve as an extension to the popular water table activity where toddlers get to just splash around. The atmosphere there is toddler-friendly as the play areas are designed specifically for them. 

The water playground provides toddlers with a toddler-friendly tandem slide, spray pipes and several other gadgets that will make toddlers giggle throughout. Loads of sea creatures are also made available for climbing. There’s also a sand play area designed for toddlers in most water parks where you can sit with them and build sandcastles.

7. Movie Theaters

If your kids are approaching age three, then they are ready to go to the movies because that’s when children have a longer attention span and enough vocabulary to understand what’s being said in the movies. However, it will take a few theatre trips for your toddler to get acquainted with the atmosphere presented by movie theatres such as the large, dark space and having to sit still for about an hour. 

In your search of the perfect time to visit the movies, look for theatres that host movies just for parents and their young children. You can also aim for when the theatre would be showing kids’ movies so that your toddler would be sitting within a familiar audience.

8. Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are filled with fresh green gardens and flowers everywhere. The atmosphere is peaceful and full of fresh air. Most botanical gardens offer lots of open-air spaces where kids can play. There’s also the children’s garden where kids get to explore a working vegetable garden and also watch a caterpillar become a butterfly. 

Most botanical gardens also offer loads of hands-on activities such as scavenger hunts, science stations and several other games. They also engage kids of all ages with so many programs such as discovery workshops and summer programs.

9. Fitness Centers

You might be wondering what fun a toddler would find in a fitness centre. Well, that’s because the picture of the fitness centre in your mind isn’t relative to a toddler. Children fitness centres offer classes and programs where kids are stimulated and engaged in an imaginative exploration of movement to music. 

The class which is just about 45 minutes long features music specially written for kids with instructions sung as lyrics to help them learn. The kids sing and dance using simple moves that build body awareness and balance. There are also other classes where children are taught in a fun and physically engaging environment and the goal is to create self-esteem and confidence in kids.

10. Pet Stores

If you don’t have a pet, a pet store would be so much fun for your little one. Oftentimes, when you pay a visit to the zoo with them, they do not always get to see some animals that retreat into their habitat. But a visit to the pet store would get that sorted out as they get to stand right next to a turtle tank and a mouse cage.

11. Bowling Alleys

Here’s a sporting event that can help toddlers with their development. Bowling develops their visual skills and improves their motor skills. It also teaches them how to be competitive without aggression. Your little one will love it. Bowling is great for rainy days, too hot summer days and days when the zoo is filled with crowds.

12. Gymnasiums

There’s a huge benefit to starting kids in gymnastics at such an early age and your toddler will love the baby-friendly gymnastic classes. A lot of learning goes on in these gymnastics classes and the activities help kids develop physically, mentally and socially. 

Most gymnasiums have sections called the little gym where gymnastics classes are held for toddlers and also kids in grade school.

13. Swimming Pools

For toddlers who are looking for a little more water action than their water table activity, taking them for swimming lessons wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You can get them enrolled in swimming lessons at a swimming pool with highly qualified instructors. 

Swimming lessons at an early age helps their physical and social development. It also cultivates in them a sense of self-esteem, confidence and independence. So taking them to a swimming pool would be so much fun as they always love to splash around and get themselves wet.

14. The Beach

The beach offers awesome activities for toddlers which keeps them busy and full of smiles throughout. From playing in the sand to chasing after retreating waves of the sea and then going on a seashell hunt; the fun just never ends. 

The toddler-friendly beach activities don’t only ensure a fun-filled day but also provide enough excitement that will tire out your little one and get them ready for bed in no time.


15. LEGO land

This is another fun park suitable for toddlers as there are tons of activities and sight attractions. There are rides designed specifically for toddlers and free tickets are available for children under the age of three. 

Your little one gets to go on a ride underwater to see real fish and stingrays swimming alongside the submarine they are put in. There’s also a fun boat ride where they have a good view of lego animals. A train ride around the park is also available. The list goes on and on. This would be such an amazing spot for your kid.

16. Dude Ranches

A dude ranch offers a variety of activities and programs for kids of all ages which are duly supervised by staff members. Kids are educated and entertained with activities ranging from scavenger hunts, wildlife excursions, hayrides and much more. 

You can create wonderful memories with your kids by paying a visit to a kid-friendly dude ranch, where they will get to roam free and explore their sense of adventure.

17. Fishing Spots

Fishing can develop a sense of achievement and accomplishment in kids. While having fun with them and connecting one on one, you also get to teach them persistence and patience. So grab a pole, head to a remarkable fishing spot nearby and get your little one intrigued by spending the day with a fishing pole in hand.

18. Toy Stores

A trip to a toy store is yet another remarkable experience for toddlers because most toy stores are real showstoppers. There are tons of activities on different floors of the store. Toy stores offer different toys that will satisfy every age and interest. 

They are filled with games, dolls, remote-controlled vehicles and lots more. Some toy stores allow kids to experience the toy-making process. They make available several selections of toys and collectables for all ages.

19. Baseball Games

You get to introduce your kids to the ballpark and also create memories for and with them by taking them to their first major league baseball game. It is an experience every parent treasures, particularly those that are sports fanatics. 

Exposing them to the game at such a young age may inspire them to establish a bond with the game and the players. Your little one may find it difficult to sit still, so it’s best to get a seat at the kid-friendly seating areas in the ballpark.

20. Kayak Club

We all know how much toddlers love playing with water, and that fun can be extended by putting them in a kayak to have fun on the water. This is one of the ways you get to introduce your kids to the wonders of nature. 

When kayaking with a toddler, a tandem kayak is the best choice as it is designed for two and in that case, the parent gets to sit at the rear where they can keep tabs on their child. Also, the view of the toddler isn’t obstructed by the parent.

21. Toddlers' Workshop

This is a child development programme for toddlers. The classes offer intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development. The program is built to enhance the toddler’s drive towards independence while also offering the emotional security of having mom right beside them. Their different classes offer activities like puzzles, finger painting, gym time, a group music session and lots more. This workshop provides an ideal mother and child experience.

22. Playground

A playground encourages toddlers to play outdoors with playground sets for kids. Playgrounds keep them entertained, active and energetic. They also learn how to get along with other kids as they take turns and engage in games which improve their social skills. A playground is made up of playsets which includes equipment like climbers with slides, tree swings, tunnels with tents and several others.

23. Natural History Museum

A trip to the Natural History Museum is a perfect day out with your toddler. Your little one can get up-close with nature, fascinating creatures – including their favourite dinosaurs – discover intriguing science and enjoy fun family-friendly activities. The museum also offers tons of hands-on interactive activities of which some are free while others are at a low cost.

24. McDonald's Play Place

McDonald’s play place has several locations and it offers lots of fun-filled activities such as a scooter/bike track, a cricket pitch, nets and footy goals, a barbecued and sheltered picnic table. There are also swing sets, a nature play area and so many wonderful sights and attractions that will keep your kids energetic and full of smiles.

25. Sports Parks

Sports parks offer several toddler-friendly activities that keep them engaged and stimulated. They get to explore all types of athletic body movements during different sessions hosted by high-quality instructors. Their motor skills are enhanced with activities such as balance, jumping and other kid-friendly activities. Parents also get to participate alongside their kids.

26. Mall Play Places

Mall play places are play zones designed for ages 10 months and older. The play area has a playground for toddlers to have fun. They ensure that shopping with toddlers isn’t a chore by providing a playground in sight. These playgrounds are very interactive as they feature mini slides, animal structures that act as climbers, crawl-through tunnels and lots more.

27. Public Libraries

Public libraries support families as they help their children learn and grow. They offer many free early literacy programs, designed to fit every stage of a child’s early development. There’s also an extensive collection of books for toddlers and they also offer puppet shows during the week.

28. Puppet Theaters

A treat to a puppet show with your kids will spark their imagination. Puppet shows are designed to captivate children, especially those around age 2 whose imaginations are just getting established. Watching the puppets walk and talk appears magical to the toddlers and they feel so elated and invigorated.

29. Art Centers

Art supports children’s development. Making use of art tools for painting, colouring and drawing helps children develop muscle coordination and control. Art allows children to communicate their ideas, feelings and thoughts. 

A toddler art centre offers art tools that children can use independently with supervision. Paints and glues which are a bit messy are also available but with more supervision.

30. Wildlife Parks

A visit to a wildlife park will expose your child to the wonders of wildlife and the natural world. Wildlife parks connect kids with nature and inspire them to be stewards of the environment.

The parks are filled with numerous places you can explore with your kids and have them watch so many wildlife animals. They also have playgrounds and indoor play barns for toddlers, should they get tired of the animal action and become cranky.

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