34 Refreshing Room Decor DIY Ideas | How To Make The Most Of A Small Bedroom

34 Refreshing Room Decor DIY Ideas | How To Make The Most Of A Small Bedroom

It’s hard and sometimes less encouraging to decorate a room that has less space. This might be so because either you are out of ideas, or you’re not finding the best way to decorate your room. Here are some of the best selected easy techniques that will make you start at once on the way to turning over your bedroom into the coziest one.

1. Make your Ceiling Attractive

The foremost part of a room that is usually given the least attention is the ceiling. But once you have it decorated, it changes the entire look of the room drastically. Many ideas make the decoration simple. You can have polka dots painted, or stars that illuminate. If your ceiling has an odd shape, then it is like a cherry on the top to make them more attractive.

You can check out the above picture gives an instance of the ceiling design pattern.

2. Put hanging Nightstand

Make up more space by hanging a nightstand to keep accessories. If you have your bed hooked in the side, then this idea would go along perfectly.

The hanging nightstand in the picture above is an easy DIY tip you can use to make a useful nightstand beside your room.

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3. Create a DIY Nightstand or Side Stand

In case you go out of money of buying a corner table of your choice, then create one using DIY crafts. This helps keep your bedroom organized, makes you get your things at one foot away.

4. Bedside Lighting adds the Charm

Mount beautiful lightings beside your bed to make your comfort spot more attractive and enlightening. Wall lightings, tiny nightstands, or ceiling lights that brighten one of the corner spots of your bed are perfect.

5. Wall Bed or Murphy Bed

Get a wall bed or murphy that is attached to the wall, with which you can free up more space of your room.

6. Go all White and make it look Wide

You feel refreshed with a wide room if you paint the walls with off-white, white, or cream color. These soft colors add both freshness and warmth.

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7. Bold Colors go fine as well

In case you love bold colors, then go for them. Be it trendy turquoise blue, or scarlet sun red, your room will look happy with these colors, and keep your mood invigorating.

8. Every inch of Space

Utilize every space efficiently. You can start by setting up small storage under your bed. Set up almirah that has proper shelves correlating your organization. Locked boxes, shoe organizers, drawers, wheeled boxes, are some of the storage options.

9. Wood Planks to the Walls

Horizontal wood planks trick your eyes by making the room wider. If you lack architectural interest, then this option might be best for you.

10. Alternative to Wood Planking

If you do not like wood planking and find it as an unmatch to your choice, then go for stripe colors. This option gives your room a decent and simple look.

11. Create a Small Workspace near the Bedside

You can buy a C-shaped table if you have no space for a desk to create a workspace of your own. The table will be in such a style that you can put there your laptop and tuck it underneath the table when you’re not using it.

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12. Make Multiple purposes of Furniture

Despite loading up your room full of furniture, you can set up furniture that serves multiple purposes. For instance, a side table near your bed can work as a nightstand table and a work table as well.

13. Hang up Accessories as Decor

You can use your accessories as your decor items. For example, you can hang your earrings of unique style outside of your wardrobe, which gives it an antique touch.

14. Mirrors make it look bigger

The reflection of mirrors makes your room look wide, by bouncing light throughout it. It looks more beautiful when you put white paint all over the room, thus making it look bigger; along with your side, you have the other side of your mirror.

15. Small space storage maximization

The best storage options for small spaces are cabinets and shelving. Do not rely on a large wardrobe if you have a small space, despite organizing things under your bed storage, table storage an extra small cabinets will do the work.

16. Open storage works best

This is irrespective of the space that if things are kept in hidden places then, they tend to be forgotten. Things kept hidden seems to be out of mind. Therefore, open storage and transparent-like wardrobes using glass are preferable.

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17. A slim headboard that makes extra space

You can save up a lot of your space by removing your bed’s headboard if it is thick and takes a lot of space. And also set a mattress that fits exactly according to the size of your bed. Setting a bed that has a large area consuming headboard and a perfectly fitted mattress makes a big part in keeping your room and organized and systematic.

18. Make a colorful pillowy bed

A bed is the most powerful spot that gathers attraction. A person who is not even interested in whatever a room looks like, a beautiful pillowy bed surely makes him love the room. Make sure the bed is perfectly designed with comfort.

19. Hanging lights

Putting some hanging lights from the ceiling would give the room an utmost attraction. You can have a confined cozy place in your spot beneath the light.

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20. Make a clothing and shoe rack on the same place

Get a stand-and-shoe rack where you can keep clothes and shoes in one place. Put your shoes on the ground shelf and hang your clothes on the handle above.

21. Take a small rug

Instead of putting a large space-occupying runner or rug, take a small one so that it saves a lot of your space. Get one of the choices of your color and add a charm to the room.

22. Use floating shelves as nightstands

If you think a nightstand would reduce the space of your room, then floating shelves are the best option. You can fix them on the wall beside your bed, and put books and nightstands there.

23. Put a plant of the size that suits

Place a plant if you need some refreshing vibe in the room. While doing it, consider one which fits into your small corner perfectly. So that it doesn’t take the extra space to fit itself and create a mess instead.

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24. Put some tiny wall art

Is your wall not big enough to put up a big frame? That’s fine, there is an alternate solution to it. You can place small cute frames of various art collections that elevate your mood. Or you can show a collection of frames that says your story, your hobbies, and all about things that are related to you.

Using plates, and wall frames, you can decorate your walls with tiny pieces of art.

25. High contrast paint

One of the most powerful and easy options to make your room look attractive yet spacious is by giving a-two-color contrast to your room. You can also add a charm to it by putting another contrasting combination to the wardrobes.

26. Twinkling string lights

String lights add an extra happy mood with considerable brightness that you can manage.

27. Floating curtainss

Curtains that flow with the air, making you feel enlightened and refreshed. Colorful trendy colors with a contrasting combination of wall paints are more than 60% of your room decoration.

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28. Make your room multipurpose

Take a hideaway bed that you can turn it around while not in use, and convert your room into your office or jamming room.

The bed in the picture is a perfect choice for small rooms. This is a kind of one that can be pulled open when needed else you can attach it back to the wall.

29. Unique textiles

You can create a boho bedroom or one with a childish style full of rainbow colors, or that having a royal touch. You can add some potted plants, some scented candles to add the soothing and a mood that you like.

30. Plush Greenery

Decorated with full of plants will make your room look fresh and the best part is that it does most of the decoration owing to which you need not be dependent on any additional item to make your room look good. There can be various plants you can set up. Creepers, banana leaves, and small colorful flower plants are considered some of the best selection. By putting up lights on them is what the added charm is that you can throw over your room.

Thus plush greenery does three things in your room-
1. Refreshing the air around your room.
2. Gives over a serene look.
3. Economic plus makes the maximum of the decoration

On the contrary to whatever discussed, if you put too many plants, your room would look like a forest, which is why you should know the limit to set the number of plants required in your room.

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31. Wall Art

If you are an artist, then what else do you need? You’ve got the amazing talent to decorate the walls with your imagination, and the things you like to admire all day in your room. But if you are troubled in deciding what to draw, then space planets, flowery garden, funny doodles are some of the themes you can try out.

Moreover, one who is not that good in drawing need not lower their face down because doodling art is easy that anyone can do.

32. Loft your space on the ceiling

If you have too little space in your room but shelves near the ceiling save your way, then you can make a loft or platform on the shelf. You can put a bed there with a ladder attached. And add some nightstand lights next to your bed.

This pattern of a room has a little different and interesting style where you get a duplex inside your little space.

The rest space of your room is meant to study, or play music, or dance, whatever you want. This is indeed a fantastic style in which you can set and adorn your room.

33. The best option for those who love dolls

If you are the one who loves dolls and teddies and want to keep them in your room but you are out of space, then hanging them on one of the walls, in a cozy corner makes the best way to keep your room attractive. You can decorate a complete corner with a string of dolls by setting one on top of another. Make your little ones flabbergasted with such an astonishing style.

34. Give your room a rainbow touch

A small bedroom needs to be attractive enough. And you can draw gazing eyeballs towards your room by splashing the walls with bright colors, decorating them with colorful frames, and making the room bright thus giving throwing over a rainbow touch.

The biggest advantage of this idea is that with this rainbow touch, your room looks sanguine and bright thus making you happy.

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You can explore various enticing ideas such as this is the above picture. A room such as this brightens up anyone’s mind.

Now that you’re packed up with the best DIY decor ideas to set your small bedroom, you are on your way to turning your bedroom into your favorite zone.

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