19 Lovely Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

19 Lovely Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

The home-spot you usually go in, where you cook your hearty meal and have a fun time eating is– ‘ the kitchen’. You want that very spot to look amazing with some trending designs. Especially, when it is in a quaint farmhouse. 

You don’t want it to look gloomy and damp with a cold light, walls worn out, and a paint color, that is far from elevating anybody’s spirit. Get yourself away from the old boring vibe in the kitchen, which sometimes can be apprehending too.

Bringing a fresh makeover to your kitchen will help you feel more refreshing and hygienic. Here are some budget-friendly ideas, that will help you convert yours into a welcoming kitchen.

1. Paint your kitchen walls

The first step to start with is – to paint your kitchen with your favorite color. White, light blue, seafoam green, and grey are some of the kitchen-friendly paints. Doing this would cover a large amount of home decor and give you a feeling of completion.

You surely want to give your kitchen an inviting ambiance that makes your home lively. A budget-friendly step of painting the walls would get your work done easily.

Which color would you choose for your kitchen? White paint is the one, that is liked by most people in a farmhouse because it gives a sense of richness and purity.

2. Put up wallpapers

Adorning your kitchen with some trendy patterns on the walls by using wallpapers, is the second-best step to make your kitchen comforting. A completely budget-friendly! Flowers, petals, and beautiful geometric shapes are some form of patterns that give your kitchen a sophisticated touch. You can find some kitchen-themed wallpapers in the colors of granite grey, lemon, and wooden that widely enlightens a farmhouse.  

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3. Renew your kitchen cabinet

Farm House Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

The doors and handles of your kitchen cabinet might get worn out or discolored. Replace them, for which it will help you give a completely new look to your kitchen.

Moreover, it is highly needed to renew the hardware, or simply, to wash it up and keep it shine.

Because renewing and maintaining your kitchen over time is the most useful and budget-friendly tip to keep it outstanding in your farmhouse.

4. Color the cabinets

A paint of natural wood color, white or black are the most attractive, and easily catches the eye of the beholder. If you want your kitchen to look spacious, then white, blue, or mint would be the best one. If you want it to look classy, then black would be admirable. If you want it to look subtle and tranquil, then wooden color would suit the most. The color, that matches your choice of lifestyle, is what you should go for.

Here, the white-colored cabinets make the kitchen area look spacious and clean. The perfect classy knobs and handles make you handle everything easier while cooking, or hustling while searching for spices.

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5. Install good quality cabinet

Installing solid wood doors is almost a lifetime investment. A strong texture with a combined-door of the same durability makes your cabinet function properly for long. Get a cabinet slab, and knobs of good quality, because you wouldn’t want them to get dismantled easily and within a short period.

Vintage or metal-made handles are more preferable and help you maintain an authentic attraction, which is meant to be showcased in a farmhouse.

6. Create exciting patterns in wall paints

How would you like some beautiful patterns on your walls? It would be quite an art, right? Yes, careless brushstroke, distressful finish, glaze, asymmetric, faded and aged look, are some wall painting designs that are worth exploring. 

It would be pretty expensive for an eye, but your expenses would be limited only to the buying of the paint, that is it! And you get to see a drastic change.

7. Don’t forget your sink

Farm House Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

Your sink is another story that needs to be put some attention on. Imagine your whole kitchen beautifully adorned, with the yellow sink filled with water. How would that look like? Horrible, of course. And a minus point to the decoration and revamp you’ve done to your cooking hall. Make sure your sink looks new with modern or vintage style. 

This will add a gorgeous shine that will reflect on the utensils in your kitchen. Porcelain, stainless steel, modern acrylic materials are some that have a truly vintage look. Such types of sinks are easily available at affordable prices.

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8. Attract eyeballs with a kitchen island

You might be wondering what a kitchen island is. It is the place in the middle of a kitchen hall, where you can sit on a chair while lying your hands on a table. An ultimate attraction to give away an invitation to your neighbours. 

But the disadvantage is that it is a little bit expensive. And if you are short of money to create this ‘inside island’, then you can use a portable kitchen cart. The wheels, with desks, shelves, and drawers carrying shakes and bites, will give you the feeling of a perfect vacation at your home.

These wheel carts are the ones to save your counter space and enjoy easy mobility.

9. DIY kitchen cabinet

You can create your kitchen cabinets that are trendier than ever. While opting for this option, you can use your favorite wooden color, favorite wallpaper, and hardware items. Some of the DIY kitchen cabinet ideas can be as follows:

  • Wall corner cabinet: If you have a kitchen, that has any type of corners in it, then you can design a sufficiently spaced wall corner cabinet.
  • Chicken-wired cabinet doors: You can color the wires up, and give a classy look to the chicken-wired cabinets. They have the advantage of easy-search. You can find out things, without checking out each cabinet.
  • Kitchen base cabinets: If you’re having extra space, that you need to utilize, on the corner floors of your kitchen, then you can create a cabinet on the area. 

These are some of the cabinet ideas you can imply and save a lot of expenses.

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10. Craft a piece out of scrap

If you have scrap materials that are lying waste in your kitchen, you can make use of them by crafting them in some unique shapes and useful items. For example, Some metallic and identical plates can be made into a clock. 

Some waste plates can be painted and hung on the walls. Some plastic bottles can be cut out and made beautiful vases that no one imagined could ever be made. All you just need is set the right hands, techniques, and the right materials that make it last for a longer period.

Check your boxes in the attic, and you will surely find some scrap to craft a stunning piece out of your creativity.

11. Wooden shutters inexpensive yet rustic

Farm House Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

The rustic look without wood and metal is not quite possible, while it needn’t them to be expensive. You can find wooden shutters that are quite budget-friendly. If you are a talented carpenter, then you can build a wooden shutter yourself, without spending a penny and saving the most!

Look at the picture above. The wooden shutter beside the table inculcates a pleasant and countryside feeling of a farmhouse.

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12. Set wooden/ glass shelves

Setting a wooden or glass for making shelves, adds a charm to the look of the kitchen. Getting home, some panes of glass, or shoving up a wooden to make a shelf in your kitchen would make useful space. 

Not only you can put up your utensils but you can also put up some showpieces and accommodate a decor space there.

13. Don’t forget the glass decor

Farm House Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

Why not deck your kitchen up with some glasses? As it is a farmhouse, some ritziness has to be flaunted. And for that, glasses make a perfect choice. 

You can keep wine glasses, beer mugs, and cute tequila glasses for a show, up on a shelf or a transparent wardrobe. And this spot will captivate and be an appeal to any eye. Plus, it is a budget-friendly idea.

14. Put up stylish lanterns

Your farmhouse kitchen will attract more attention when you put up stylish and cute lanterns in it. Make sure you collect some metal lanterns as they will help you to throw over a countryside look. Also, some metallic and unpainted wooden furniture would add some rustic touch.

15. Set down a rug or runner

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Farm House Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

A rug or runner in your kitchen makes it cozier, where you can sit and have a peaceful time (maybe with a cup of coffee in your hand). And it is an added advantage if you’ve put it beside a window! 

It needn’t be expensive. You can go for some faux, silk, or jute-material rugs that have some mind-soothing patterns or no patterns at all. A plain one itself stands alone to give a fine look. A jute-material rug can be stylish enough, to be that standalone.

16. Add a chic light to your kitchen island

Chic yet affordable lights are easily available online. In most houses, be it a farmhouse or an apartment, people usually tend to forget about the kitchen until and unless they are hungry. 

A chic light at the center of your kitchen would bring the focus of the house towards it and make itself an admiring spot. Wrought iron, brass, or a bell jar light- are what you can get a much lesser price. 

17. Add wood with butcher block countertops

Bring some rustic vibes to your kitchen with wooden block countertops. If you find them pricey and difficult to maintain, then you can opt for other wood elements such as cake stands, cutting boards, and other wooden utensils, that create an outland ambience.

18. Give a shiplap look to the ceiling

Shiplap ceilings or walls give the kitchen in your farmhouse a modern yet an austere look. Most people love shiplap because they are indeed appealing. But unfortunately, they are budget-friendly. 

So as an alternative, you can invest in some wallpaper that looks exactly like a shiplap. A shiplap-looking wallpaper would also be easy to peel and stick.

Take a look at the austere yet classy shiplap ceiling, that best suits in a farmhouse kitchen.

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19. Have the awesome collection of dishes

Farm House Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

0Utensils form the most prior part of a kitchen. And they are kept in the form of decors as well. Which is why it is important to not move your eyes away from the utensils. Have a stunning collection of them. 

Glasses attract the most. Wooden in plates and cake stands, and ceramics are some of the items you can use for both– while having a meal or decorating your place.


So, you’ve garnered here some amazing tips on how to decorate your farmhouse kitchen at an affordable price. Let your savings be spent on some beautiful things, that you would cherish for a longer period, and make your farmhouse the home, that you will love the most.

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